Gas Turbine Wear Guards Combustion Parts

Maudlin & Son Mfg. is a provider of Gas Turbine Wear Guards Combustion Parts.

Gas turbine units play an important role in the generation of electrical power so as outage season approaches Maudlin is prepared to meet our customer demand by stocking a wide range of repair parts for transition pieces and combustion liner overhauls.

These part consist of: Transition Wear Guard Sets (7FA,7EA,6B), Impingement Sleeve Zippers, Rat Ears, H-Blocks, Cowl Cap Top Plates (F7, F5), Nozzle Segment Joint Seals (F7EA), Gas Turbine Seals, and Wrapper Washers (7FA).

Get your parts on order through Maudlin so that your outage is shorter …

Gas Turbine Transition Pieces

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